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29 November 2010

To the Parents and Community of Lincoln Primary School

These are the findings of the Education Review Office’s latest report on Lincoln Primary School.

Lincoln Primary School is a large rural school in the township of Lincoln, Canterbury. It provides education for students from Years 1 to 8.

A new principal started at the beginning of the 2010 school year. A new multi-purpose building with a number of teaching spaces and an information centre has recently been completed.

The board, principal and teachers have made good progress in developing a new school curriculum. This curriculum reflects the history and values of the school community. It has a focus on improving student learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy, and developing students’ understanding of school values. Professional development programmes support teachers to improve the quality of teaching and implement curriculum changes.

Students learn in a safe and supportive environment that reflects clearly identified and widely understood school values. ERO observed positive and respectful relationships between students and with their teachers. Older students are encouraged to support younger students. Students from different cultural backgrounds are welcomed and fully included in the school.

Most students achieve above national expectations in literacy and numeracy. Māori students achieve and progress at similar rates to other students at the school. The principal and teachers gather and analyse student achievement information in a purposeful way that provides a clear picture of student achievement and progress at classroom level. The analysed achievement information is now being reported to the board. This development should allow the board and senior leaders to set more realistic and challenging school-wide student achievement targets and expectations.

Students experience good to high quality teaching in most classrooms. Senior leaders are aware of where teaching practice needs to improve and are addressing this.

ERO and the board agree that the areas for review and development are to:

  • support students to be self directed learners;
  • improve middle management curriculum leadership; and
  • identify the major school development priorities to provide a coherent basis for school planning and review.

Future Action

ERO is likely to carry out the next review within three years.

Review Coverage

This report provides an evaluation of how effectively the school’s curriculum promotes student learning - engagement, progress and achievement. ERO’s evaluation takes account of the school’s previous reporting history and is based on:

  • what is known about student achievement information, including the achievement of Māori and Pacific students;
  • decisions made to improve student achievement using assessment and self-review information; and
  • teaching strategies and programmes implemented to give effect to the school’s curriculum.

ERO also gathers information during the review to contribute to its national reports. The national reports are published on ERO’s website.

If you would like a copy of the full report, please contact the school or see the ERO website,

Graham Randell
National Manager Review Services
Southern Region

General Information about Reviews

About ERO

ERO is an independent, external evaluation agency that undertakes reviews of schools and early childhood services throughout New Zealand.

About ERO Reviews

ERO follows a set of standard procedures to conduct reviews. The purpose of each review is to:

  • improve educational achievement in schools; and
  • provide information to parents, communities and the government.

Reviews are intended to focus on student achievement and build on each school’s self review.

Review Focus

ERO’s framework for reviewing and reporting integrates the following:

  • school curriculum;
  • national evaluation topics –contribute to the development of education policies and their effective implementation; and
  • the Board Assurance Statement, including student and staff health and safety.

ERO’s review is responsive to the school’s context. When ERO reviews a school, it takes into account the characteristics of the community from which it draws its students, its aspirations for its young people, and other relevant local factors.

ERO also builds on the school’s own self-review information. ERO is interested in how a school monitors the progress of its students and aspects of school life and culture, and how it uses this information to improve student learning.

This helps ERO to answer the major evaluation question for reviews:

How effectively does this school’s curriculum promote student learning - engagement, progress and achievement?

Areas for Development and Review

ERO reports include areas for development and review to support on-going improvement by identifying priorities. Often the school will have identified these matters through its own self review and already plans further development in those areas.


Individual ERO school and early childhood centre reports are public information and may be copied or sent electronically. However, the Education Review Office can guarantee only the authenticity of original documents which have been obtained in hard copy directly from either the local ERO office or ERO Corporate Office in Wellington. Please consult your telephone book, or see the ERO web page,, for ERO office addresses.

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