St Paul's College (Ponsonby) 20/01/2010



The 2008 confirmed Education Review Office (ERO) review of St Paul's College (Ponsonby) signalled a return review within 12 months.

This review evaluates the extent and effectiveness of actions the school has taken towards addressing issues specified in the previous review and/or any additional areas identified since that review.

This review report was prepared in accordance with standard procedures approved by the Chief Review Officer.

Terms of Reference

· This review is based on an evaluation of the performance of the St Paul's College (Ponsonby) Board of Trustees and management in relation to areas identified in the November 2008 ERO report or issues identified since that review. The terms of reference for this review are to investigate: the quality of teaching;

· the quality of assessment practices to promote boys' literacy and improve student achievement;

· the provision of a safe physical and emotional environment for students;

· the provision of a safe physical and emotional environment for staff;

· the quality of performance management systems, and principal and teacher appraisal;

· the quality of self-review practices;

· the alignment of financial decisions with charter priorities and management; and

· any other issues relevant to the governance, management and operation of the school arising during the course of this review.

About the School


Ponsonby, Auckland City

Ministry of Education profile number


School type

Secondary Integrated (Year 7-15)

Decile rating[1]


Teaching staff:
Roll generated entitlement
Number of teachers


School roll


Number of international students


Gender composition

Boys 100%

Ethnic composition

NZ European/Pākehā 3%, Māori 4%, Samoan 40%, Tongan 32%, Cook Island Māori 8%, Niuean 5%,
Fijian 1%, Korean 1%, other Pacific 4%, other 2%

Review team on site

October 2009

Date of this report

20 January 2010

Previous ERO reports

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