Implementing Self Review in Early Childhood Services (January 2009) 01/01/2009

Next steps

To improve their understanding and implementation of self review, ERO recommends that early childhood services:

  • improve processes for the gathering, analysis and use of information in self review;
  • seek professional development to improve their understanding and implementation of self review 2;
  • use existing Ministry of Education publications to increase their understanding of self review; and
  • use external review to complement their self review.

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education consider how to further assist early childhood services to improve their self review in ways that lead to positive outcomes for children.


Quality in Action/Te Mahi Whai Hua: Implementing the Revised Statement of Desirable Objectives and Practices in New Zealand Early Childhood Services (1998); The Quality Journey/He Haerenga Whai Hua: Improving quality in early childhood services (1999); Ngâ Arohaehae Whai Hua: Self-review Guidelines for Early Childhood Education (2006).

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