National Evaluation Topics

ERO Education Reviews 

National Evaluation Topics (NETS) are decided from time to time. ERO gathers information on these topics during its reviews of individual schools and early childhood services, for a specified period. Usually, ERO will collate and analyse the information on these topics from individual reviews for a national evaluation report, which will be published on this website.

The topics chosen for national evaluations in Education Reviews need to reflect current issues. We do not make final decisions until a month or so before the beginning of the next school term. Topics are posted on this website. Findings are included in individual review reports.

Some information will be gathered through questionnaires we ask you to fill out before the review. The questionnaires are on ERO’s website or will be provided to you by your review coordinator.

Current National Evaluation Topics 

Bullying Prevention and Response NET

The Bullying Prevention and Response evaluation will investigate how effectively schools are working toward creating bullying free environments.  This will include schools’ approaches, strategies and practices regarding bullying prevention and response, and students’ experience and views of bullying prevention and response in their schools.   The NET will be undertaken in all primary and intermediate schools being reviewed in Term 1, 2018; and all secondary schools being reviewed in Terms 1 and 2, 2018.   

Te Whāriki (2017) Preparedness to implement

In Term 2, 2018 ERO will be looking at how well prepared and confident leaders and kaiako are to implement Te Whāriki (2017) in all our reviews of early learning services (except for Kōhanga Reo). 

Key Competencies

In Term 2 ERO will be asking primary schools to share how they bring the Key Competencies to life in their schools.  This will be a part of their scheduled review. This is an exploratory National Evaluation Topic (NET) just to find out what schools are doing and it may inform our future work.  

If you have any queries please contact your local ERO office or email.