Our children and young people are growing up in a rapidly changing world in which they will face increasingly complex challenges, as well as exciting opportunities.

Teachers, leaders, trustees and managers are starting to rethink learning for a globalised world. In doing so, many New Zealand schools are leading the way in innovative teaching practices, systems, spaces and technology. The way our schools look and feel is starting to change and it can be difficult for parents, families and whānau to know what it means for their child.

I expect parents, families and whanau to be able to know good practice when they see it, to not be put off or confused by the jargon, and to know what to demand and expect on behalf of their children.

The Modern New Zealand Learning glossary pulls together terms that are often used and heard in effective learning environments but not necessarily well understood by all. The glossary is the first step in helping to demystify modern learning practice and environments. As a starting point, the glossary provides a consistency of language in what is a complex, flexible and fluid space. It complements the changes happening across the education system and will create a greater awareness of best practice.

I know this will be a useful tool as we continue to make the necessary changes to better equip our learners for the future.

Hon Hekia Parata 
Minister of Education