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  1. Appendix 1: ERO reports referred to in this publication

    2016  Vocational Pathways: Authentic and Relevant Learning (May)   2015 Raising Student Achievement Through Targeted Actions (December)   Effective School Evaluation: How To Do and Use Internal Evaluation for Improvement (November) Internal Evaluation: Good Practice (November) Educationally Powerful Connections with Parents and Whanau (November) Secondary-Tertiary Programmes (Trades Academies): What Works and Next Steps (June) Continuity of Learning: Transitions from Early Childhood Servic...

  2. School Leadership That Works

    The report is designed as a resource to guide the practice of school leadership. It is aimed at all school leaders, but particularly those less experienced school leaders who may be seeking to become more successful as a leader in future, by learning from the good practices of others. It cites key evidence from research. It also further illustrates the recently published ERO School Evaluation Indicators.