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  1. Effective internal evaluation for improvement

    This revised booklet is useful for any organisation interested in internal evaluation for improvement. This overview of the processes and reasoning involved in effective internal evaluation for improvement draws on a recently published resource Effective Internal Evaluation – How to do and use internal evaluation for improvement (2015).

  2. Effective school evaluation

    This resource describes what effective internal evaluation is, what it involves, and how to go about it in ways that will enhance educational outcomes for students. It draws on current knowledge about internal evaluation, and on case studies of New Zealand schools that have used internal evaluation to inform the development of strategies that have been successful in raising achievement, particularly that of Māori and Pacific learners. The case study schools also exemplify the use of inquiry processes and evaluative reasoning.

  3. Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako: Working towards collaborative practice

    An additional resource to Communities of Learning | Kāhui Ako: Collaboration to Improve Learner Outcomes. This resource is designed to support CoL | Kāhui Ako as they work towards effective collaborative practice. It is framed around key questions in each of the seven effective practice areas and is able to be used both as evidence-based progressions and as a useful internal evaluation tool.