COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

Update for schools and early learning services: ERO to suspend visits and publication of reports

ERO has suspended all visits to schools and early childhood education centres until further notice. Essentially this means that, for the foreseeable future, we will not undertake normal ERO reviews.

In addition, ERO will not be publishing reports from recently completed school and early learning service visits until they reopen. We will continue to publish national reports as usual when possible.

We are currently holding reports that are “in process” until further notice. We understand that it may not be easy for you to respond to your unconfirmed report when it is sent and will be flexible about allowing time for this.

If your school or service has a review scheduled in the next couple of months, ERO will contact you to understand your circumstances and needs. We may undertake some preliminary work, but this will be with your support and done remotely.

ERO is maintaining regular contact with the Ministry of Education in order to respond to urgent needs as they arise. The situation continues to be very fluid, so if there are future changes we will let you know.

Please talk to your local ERO office if you have concerns, questions or suggestions.

The Ministry of Education COVID-19 webpage is the best source of advice if you work, or have children in, education and have questions about COVID-19.

There is also a dedicated New Zealand Government COVID-19 website which has links to all agencies providing advice about COVID-19.

If you are concerned that you or someone in your family may have contracted COVID-19, please contact the free dedicated hotline at 0800 358 5453.