ERO articulates the importance of oral language to lay better foundations for learning

A new ERO report reinforces how fundamental oral language development is to children’s social interaction and learning.

The report titled Extending their language - expanding their world: children’s oral language (birth - 8 years), calls for all teachers in early learning services and schools to have an increasing awareness of the importance of oral language in enabling children to learn, specifically:

  • understanding how oral language develops
  • recognising the fundamental ways the curriculum can promote rich oral language learning
  • the use of deliberate teaching strategies.

Sandra Collins, Senior Education Evaluator at ERO said, “With good oral language skills children are more engaged in their learning and have more meaningful social interactions. Oral language development lays a solid foundation for our children to become lifelong learners in all areas.”

ERO analysed data gathered from 167 early learning services and 104 schools to find out what early learning services and schools are doing in response to children’s oral language learning and development, including concerns about and needs of particular children.

To read the full report, click here.