Working with the sector to refine the new model for school reviews

In the first half of this year ERO has explored a new approach to school evaluation and how we can work best with schools to support continuous improvement.

This work is in response to the Government’s reform of the Tomorrow’s Schools system, Supporting all schools to succeed, which was released in November 2019. The Government asked ERO to strengthen the capability of schools to undertake self-evaluation and continuous improvement, and to work towards ensuring effective engagement with whānau and community. The goal is to better target ERO resources towards schools who have a greater need and towards system-level evaluation.

We have taken on board feedback from the Tomorrow’s Schools review taskforce about what wasn’t working, as well as input from sector groups and principals which has helped us to understand what people want from ERO.

The result is a draft model which envisions ERO working alongside schools to co-construct a plan for evaluation that takes account of the culture and context of their community and school environment, and identifies areas of strengths and particular need.

We are moving into the implementation phase of the model and will engage a cross-section of schools around the country to take part in a prototype development process to help us refine our approach further and ensure it is working for both schools and ERO, as well as delivering on the expectations of the Government. We expect to start introducing the model more widely from early 2021.

This work represents a significant shift in the way ERO will work with schools, and an opportunity to make our evaluation process fit for purpose. As we continue to develop our approach, we will continue to update you on our progress and provide more information about when you can expect to hear from us about your schools involvement.