Key Competencies

The Key Competencies in the New Zealand Curriculum focus on things that are essential to New Zealand’s future.  

They were introduced as part of the New Zealand Curriculum in 2007 and are integral to the development of student’s ability to thrive in a world which is continuously changing around them– for instance managing self is about having a can-do attitude, being resilient and having strategies for meeting challenges.

The Developing Key Competencies in Students Years 1-8 report has now been published. This report focuses on how schools are integrating and supporting the development of the Key Competencies in students in years 1-8.

Our findings indicate that most schools in New Zealand (72%) were in a relatively early stage of embedding the Key Competencies into teaching and learning. Schools and teachers were not yet at a stage where these were deliberately embedded within each learning area or they were at the heart of problem solving or deep learning.

Our report provides an outline of the tools that some schools are giving their students to use these competencies in their learning and wellbeing. We also explore in this study what schools are doing to promote the understanding of key competencies among parents, whānau and trustees.

The report is accompanied by a companion report The Key Competencies: Realising the Potential of the New Zealand Curriculum which outlines the meaning of each of the competencies, the importance of helping each student to embrace and develop these skills and how we can further develop for the future.