Other upcoming publications

ERO will soon be releasing four further publications reporting on more of the work it has done over the past year.

The Overseas Trained Teachers report will discuss new supply side initiatives from the Ministry and explore some of the benefits and challenges schools and teachers have experienced.

The Social Workers in Schools report will outline the results of qualitative case study work focused on the range of experiences children have had working with social workers in their school.

The Professional Learning and Development in Schools summary report outlines how effectively school leaders are determining the priorities for Professional Learning and Development, and what processes are in place to evaluate the impact. High level findings from this study were released in the last edition of INSIGHTS. 

The second evaluation related to the digital technology curriculum content will be released in the coming weeks. ERO’s first report, It’s early days for the new Digital Technologies curriculum content, July 2019, expressed the concern that many schools would not be ready to implement the curriculum content in 2020. In the follow up evaluation, we visited six schools during Term 1, 2019 to explore their journey towards implementing the digital technology curriculum content.