ERO resources to help schools improve student wellbeing

The Education Review Office (ERO) has released two new publications aimed at helping school leaders, teachers and trustees to better understand, promote and respond to learners’ wellbeing.

“The wellbeing of our children and young people is essential – making sure students are happy and engaged at school means they’re much more likely to be learning, achieving and better equipped for life after school,” says Sandra Collins, Senior Education Evaluator at ERO.

Wellbeing for success: a resource for schools has information to help schools evaluate and improve children and young people’s wellbeing. It highlights the importance of schools promoting the wellbeing of all learners, as well as the need for systems, people and initiatives to respond to wellbeing concerns for students who need additional support. The resource also provides information about responding to crisis situations and where to go for further help. 

Wellbeing for success: effective practice builds on the stories ERO told in our 2015 reports on wellbeing in primary and secondary schools. It gives leaders, teachers and trustees further examples of what works and why.

“We live in a rapidly changing world. Students are having to deal with an increasing range of issues which can affect their wellbeing. Leaders and teachers need to focus on wellbeing from the time a child starts early childhood education until they leave secondary school. They need to be able to respond to these challenges and promote wellbeing for our children and young people,” says Ms Collins. 

“At schools with effective wellbeing practices, students said things like ‘You’re able to express yourself and you can focus on the bigger picture rather than the little things’ and ‘This school makes me want to go to school.’” 

These publications are part of ERO’s contribution to the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project. ERO has produced a series of wellbeing evaluations and publications to support ongoing improvement in our schools.

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