ERO shines the light on effective maths teaching and learning in early childhood education

The early years are an important time for children to begin developing their understanding of mathematics. Effective early maths learning gives kids a good foundation on which to grow and succeed later in their schooling. 

The Education Review Office’s latest publication, Early mathematics: a guide for improving teaching and learning, showcases great examples of effective maths teaching and learning in early childhood services. 

“There are many and varied opportunities for our youngest children to learn maths - in the sandpit, at the water trough, with the building blocks. The most important thing is that teachers recognise and respond to children’s developing interest in mathematical ideas, and respond in ways that extend their learning” says Dr Deirdre Shaw, Manager Evaluation Services. 

“ERO wanted to shine the light on some of the great maths teaching we’ve seen across the country so that other teachers working with early learners can use the examples to inform and improve their own practice.” 

“The examples show deliberate teaching that results in rich maths learning. They give services and schools working with early learners added insight into how they can extend children’s spontaneous learning with responsive and planned teaching.” 

“We want these stories to be used by others to strengthen maths learning for all our young children.” 

The guide complements the Ministry of Education’s resource, Te Aho Tukutuku. This resource was distributed to all early childhood services in 2012 to support and strengthen the teaching and learning of maths.

The guide is on ERO’s website

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