ERO's published Briefings to the Minister's Office.


ERO proactively releases material that the Minister of Education has seen from us as part of our ongoing commitment to openness and transparency.

The Minister of Education receives advice from us and considers the advice in light of the activities happening across the sector. Therefore some of these decision-making processes will take longer than others. This means that some material delivered to the Minister may relate to items that remain under active consideration and take longer to be proactively released.

Briefings will be released at the first possible opportunity.

If you need any additional information or want to lodge an Official Information request, please see our advice above.

Briefings to the Minister’s Office

Date of paper Title Document type and size
8 August 2019 M19-31 ERO’s 30 June 2019 Year End Reporting Requirements PDF 291 KB
25 July 2019 M19-27 Minister Salesa: Current Provision of Pacific Bilingual Education PDF 250 KB
26 June 2019 M19-28 It’s early days for the Digital Technologies curriculum content  PDF 313 KB
26 June 2019 M19-29 Tokelau Education Summit 26-29 August 2019, Atafu, Tokelau  PDF 277 KB
13 June 2019 M19-25 NCEA Observational Studies  PDF 764 KB
24 May 2019 M19-18 Keeping children engaged and achieving in writing: strategies that work PDF 285 KB
10 April 2019 M19-13 2019/20 Estimates Documents for Vote Education Review Office PDF 1.28 MB
3 April 2019 M19-12 2018/19 Supplementary Estimates Documents for Vote Education Review Office PDF 778 KB
27 February 2019 M19-4 ERO's assurance review process for reviews of ECE services PDF 322 KB
14 February 2019 M19-3 Changes to ERO reporting PDF 337 KB
04 March 2019 M19-9 Māori Education Evaluation Work Programme Update PDF 264 KB
19 September 2018

M18-48 Adding the Education Review Office as an authorised user of the National Student Number (NSN) under the Education Act 1989

PDF 1436 KB

11 November 2019

Cabinet Paper: Adding the Education Review Office as an Authorised User of the National Student Number

PDF 102 KB