Assurance Reviews

ERO is responsible for reporting publicly on the quality of education provided in New Zealand schools and early childhood services. Its role encompasses accountability (including compliance with legal requirements), educational improvement, and knowledge generation.

ERO undertakes an Assurance Review process in any centre-based service:

  • having its first ERO review – including if it is part of a governing organisation
  • previously identified as ‘not well placed’ or ‘requiring further development’
  • that has moved from a provisional to a full licence
  • that has been re-licensed due to a change of ownership
  • where an Assurance Review process is determined to be appropriate.

An ERO Assurance Review assesses whether a service meets regulatory standards/licensing requirements. As part of an Assurance Review process, ERO makes one of the following judgements:

  • At the time of the review ERO found the service was taking reasonable steps to meet regulatory standards; or
  • At the time of the review ERO identified non-compliance with regulatory standards that must be addressed; or
  • At the time of the review ERO identified significant areas of non-compliance with regulatory standards that are an unacceptable risk to children.

ERO will recommend that the next review of the service is likely to be an Education Review; or that the next ERO review of the service will be in consultation with the Ministry of Education.

Key documents if your service is having an Assurance Review