Getting the most out of external evaluation

Reflecting on these questions will provide you with an overview of your internal evaluation findings to discuss with ERO.  You do not need to provide any written response to these questions ahead of the onsite evaluation.

We will use your school’s learner outcome information and internal evaluation to work with you to design the external evaluation for your school context. This will happen on the first day of the evaluation.

Outcomes for learners

  • What are the outcomes that are valued for all learners in this school community, as learners in Aotearoa New Zealand, and as global citizens?
  • How well are all our learners achieving in relation to those outcomes?
  • To what extent is every student in our school a successful “confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learner”?
  • How well are we identifying and accelerating the achievement of those learners at risk of not achieving equitable outcomes?
  • How do we know?  What sources of evidence tell us about our performance and effectiveness?

School conditions supporting ongoing improvement in learner outcomes

Since our last ERO evaluation:

  • What areas of development have we focused on to improve learner outcomes?
  • How have we enabled the school community to participate in/contribute to the development focus?
  • What actions have we taken?  How effective have those actions been in promoting the improvements needed?
  • What have been the successes and challenges?  Which domains of school activity have been most significant in supporting our improvement journey (stewardship; leadership; responsive curriculum; effective teaching and opportunity to learn; educationally powerful connections and relationships; professional capability and collective capacity; evaluation, inquiry and knowledge building for improvement)
  • What has been the impact?

Next steps:

What are our continuing and/or next big areas for development and improvement?

[These questions are taken from page 42 of ERO’s booklet Effective School Evaluation]

During the evaluation the ERO team will discuss the emerging evaluation findings with you and involve you in the interpretation of the evidence gathered to develop a shared understanding of the quality and effectiveness of education provision in your school and next steps.