Partnership Schools/Kura Hourua

New school review processes for Partnership Schools/Kura Hourua

The new school review process for Partnership Schools/Kura Hourua has been modelled on the process for state and state-integrated schools. The main difference in Partnership Schools/Kura Hourua is the governance model; the contractual terms; conditions and performance expectations; and the flexibility that these schools have in the way they provide education and engage with the community.

Regular ERO reviews of Partnership schools/Kura Hourua

ERO will ask the following questions in its regular reviews of reviews of Partnership Schools/Kura Hourua :

  1. To what extent is this school meeting its contractual requirements?
  2. To what extent does this school have the capability to assess and improve student achievement?

Further information about how ERO reviews Partnership Schools/Kura Hourua

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Assurance Statement and Self-Audit Checklist

As part of the review process, the Education Review Office (ERO) asks the school management to complete the Assurance Statement and Self-Audit Checklist (below). This information assists ERO in the scoping and planning of the review:

partnership schools kura hourua assurance statement and self-audit checklist.docx