The review process for early learning services

This step by step guide will help you prepare for a review.

1. Advance notice of review

We contact you to let you know when we’re going to do a review. We usually try and give between four and six weeks’ notice.

2. Information request and return

We ask you to complete an assurance statement and to provide a number of documents to help us with the review. This information needs to be sent to us at least two weeks before we visit.

Early learning services are asked to complete a self report.

3. Pre-review discussion

One of our review team leaders talks (usually by email or phone) to you about the review process and its focus. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions.

4. ERO’s visit

Our review team spends time at the early childhood learning service. We talk to leaders, teachers and support staff. We may speak to children, parents and the wider community too.

Our team also looks at documents provided and looks for evidence that shows the practices in place are working.

5. Initial findings

Soon after our visit, the review team presents its initial findings (high level) to you. This gives you a chance to have a conversation about the findings and what these mean.

6. Draft (unconfirmed) report

You will receive a draft (or unconfirmed) report around four weeks after our last on-site discussion about the emerging evaluation findings. At this stage, we invite you to note any errors of fact, significant omissions or comment on any other matters related to the findings if needed and return your response to us.

7. Final report

We finalise the review report. One of the main aims of this report is to help you and your wider community understand what’s working and where improvements can be made.

We send you the report once it's complete. Ten working days after this we publish the report on this website.

8. Making improvements

You then start to make the changes recommended. If we’ve got concerns about a service, we’ll ask the Ministry of Education to get involved. Often this means supporting the service to make improvements.