About ERO reviews

ERO reviews under COVID 19

ERO School Reviews

ERO is now resuming longitudinal (1 to 2 year) reviews but will not be restarting other individual school education reviews and reporting until later in the year. However, we do want to capture the learning and innovation that is happening in the sector at this time.

We will use the information gathered to inform the system, and to share good practice. Our focus will be on student attendance, engagement and learning, and how schools are managing to support educational equity.  Alongside our discussions with school personnel we are undertaking regular surveys to gather additional information from teachers and learners.

When we resume our regular review programme we will work with schools to determine the timing and focus of individual reviews, depending on each school’s context and conditions for learning.

ERO Early Childhood Services Reviews

ERO has resumed individual education reviews and reporting. Services will be notified of any upcoming visits to their centre.

ERO will be contacting selected services to talk with them and collect information for national reporting about:

  • how services have responded to the COVID-19 context
  • what impact COVID-19 has had on the participation and engagement of children in ECE
  • the short-term challenges and solutions they are finding
  • their innovations and successes to date.

We will use the information gathered to inform the system, and to share good practice. Our focus will be on leadership, wellbeing and learning, and how services are managing to support educational equity, access and quality.

When we resume our regular review programme, we will begin to phase in the implementation of Ngā Ara Whai Hua in centre-based early childhood services, whilst continuing to undertake Education Reviews in home-based and hospital-based services.

Please note, the above approach does not apply to playcentres, or to home-based and centre-based services where an Assurance Review is to be undertaken – for these our normal processes have restarted.

Please talk to your local ERO office if you have concerns, questions or suggestions.

The purpose of an ERO review

An ERO review looks at how an early learning service or school reaches positive learning outcomes - knowledge, skills, attitude and habits - for all children and young people. We’re interested in what’s working well and where improvements can be made.

Our review process works with an early learning service or school’s own evaluation processes. It also supports a culture of ongoing improvement.

View our step by step guide to the review process.

Why we make reports public

Once our review process is complete and the early childhood service or school has had a chance to take in and discuss the results, a final report is published on this website.

We do this because we want parents, whānau, families and the wider community to know about the teaching and learning at early childhood services and schools.

Making the reports easily accessible invites parents to take an interest and ask questions. Parent involvement plays a big part in the educational success of a child.

A fair and transparent process

Our review process is designed to be as open as possible. There should be no surprises.

Reviewers are professional evaluators who’ve had many years of teaching experience before joining ERO. All have specific training in education evaluation.

Reviewers follow the State Services Commission’s Standards of Integrity and Conduct. Early childhood services and schools can expect review teams to be fair, impartial, responsible and trustworthy.

Read ERO's transparency statement.

If you’re unhappy with a review

If at any point during a review you do not feel that the review is being handled properly by the review team, please contact your local ERO office.

If you wish to make a formal complaint, you can find out how here.

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