Accelerated improvement requires a whole system to function as a collaborative learning community that is advancing progress on the four areas of leverage: pedagogy, educationally powerful connections, professional learning and leadership.

(Adrienne Alton-Lee, cited in Mathematics in Years 4 to 8: Developing a Responsive Curriculum; ERO, 2013)

Equity and excellence

This image is a circle with learners at the centre. Surround this is are two koru shaped rings the top one is responsive curriculum effective teaching and opportunity to learn. The bottom one is Educationally powerful connections and relationships. The next ring is Whanaugatanaga, Manaakitanga, AKO and Mahi Tahi. The next ring is Leadership, Proffessional capability and collective capacity and Stewardship. The last ring ends a the top with to koru shapes it reads, Evalualtion inquiry and knowledge building for improvement and innovation.

The School Evaluation Indicators (ERO, 2015) position the learner at the centre. The growth and development of the learner is carefully nurtured by those around them. The focus on what matters most in improving valued student outcomes.

The indicators foreground the Māori concepts of manaakitanga, whanaungatanga, ako and mahi tahi. Together these frame how we approach education provision in the New Zealand context, challenging us to recognise and respond to the educationally limiting effects of deficit theorising about students and their potential.

What ERO knows about accelerating achievement for Māori students

This resource can be used with the indicators. It brings together findings from ERO’s recent national reports to outline what works to accelerate progress for Māori students at-risk of underachieving in primary schools. We share approaches schools have taken where progress was accelerated and schools were able to extend their practices to help more students succeed. Innovative schools focus on inequity within their student population, resulting in improved outcomes for Māori students.

This image shows girls laughing