Next steps

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education supports schools to:

  • improve their assessment practices to more effectively identify the student’s next teaching steps and to monitor how well their interventions or strategies have accelerated the progress of priority learners
  • access and use research findings, such as those in the Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) publications, particularly the BES exemplars, to introduce different teaching practices that have been shown to accelerate learners’ progress in New Zealand schools.

ERO recommends that school trustees, leaders and teachers:

  • seek improved achievement information reports that clearly identify the reoccurring achievement needs across the school
  • use achievement information provided to them to evaluate the effectiveness of specific initiatives, programmes, interventions and additional staffing, such as teacher aides, in accelerating the progress of priority learners.

ERO recommends that leaders and teachers:

  • improve the aggregation and use of their achievement data to ensure it identifies the reoccurring achievement needs for all groups of priority learners
  • collate and analyse achievement information to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching practices in accelerating the progress of priority learners
  • increase their understanding of approaches that have strong evidence of accelerating progress for priority learners
  • introduce new practices known to accelerate progress for priority learners and review the impact on their students
  • extend opportunities for families and whānau to be involved in understanding and contributing solutions to school-wide achievement challenges.