Next steps

Next steps

The report recommends Stand Children’s Services leaders:

  • develop and implement a communication strategy for schools
  • further investigate and resolve issues with referrals in two villages
  • review the role of the education team leaders to work more with schools
  • increase the teaching actions in the therapeutic care and education plans
  • extend internal evaluation to include effective practice and the impacts of teaching
  • simplify the appraisal process
  • increase professional development opportunities for teachers.

The report also recommends education team leaders:

  • work more closely with schools when developing children’s individual plans
  • improve curriculum and teaching practices
  • improve reporting to schools. 

Further recommendations are outlined for the:

  • Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Education and Stand to ensure they have the full quota of experienced staff to provide the service for children in the lower South Island.
  • Ministry of Education to ensure the education centres in the Stand villages receive similar resources and PLD as other New Zealand primary schools.