Appendix 1: Self review questions to consider with the career education benchmarks

Coherent approach

  1. How well is careers education and guidance (CEG) integrated into how we prepare students for life beyond school?
  2. How clear are teachers about their specific responsibilities in supporting students to develop career management competencies?
  3. What additional support do teachers need to develop their capability and confidence in providing CEG?

Links with curriculum and pastoral care

  1. How effective are subject teachers in including career-related information in their teaching?
  2. How effective are the links between pastoral care and CEG?

Reviewing effectiveness

  1. Do all our students receive CEG to meet their specific needs? Are there any groups that may need additional support?
  2. How effective is our monitoring and review of CEG provision and outcomes?

What is reported to the board?

  1. What is helping our CEG provision? What is impeding it?

Outcomes for students

  1. What are the outcomes for students of our CEG? How do we know?How confident can we be that students are developing career management competencies? Who monitors this?
  2. How robust is our planning to improve our CEG provision?