Appendix 2: Recent developments in careers education and guidance

Designing Careers

Designing Careers was a pilot programme in 2005/06 that involved 75 schools. 

It focused on learning and career planning for Year 10 students and individual career guidance for students at risk of poor outcomes in Years 11, 12 and 13 (delivered directly to students by Career Services [now Careers New Zealand] or other consultants).

The programme involved professional development and teaching resources for teachers. While a number of positive outcomes resulted from Designing Careers, the focus on Year 10 meant provision for senior students was not optimal in some schools.

Creating Pathways and Building Lives

In 2007 and 2008 a second careers education and guidance initiative took place. Creating Pathways and Building Lives targeted 100 randomly selected schools with the overarching goal of developing a whole-school approach to career programmes. Career Services developed and delivered this project, together with School Support Services staff. The goals were to:

  • develop planned approaches to careers education and guidance that are sustainable and focused on outcomes
  • develop leadership within the school for planning and delivering career programmes and resources
  • share career knowledge and skills with all school staffassist in the development of career education policy for students with specific needs (i.e. Maori, Pacific, refugees and migrants)
  • engage parents, whanau and the wider community in careers education and guidance strategies.

Guidelines for careers education and guidance

In 2009, Career Services and the Ministry of Education produced an updated edition of the guidelines for Career Education and Guidance in New Zealand Schools. 1 These outline a set of career management competencies young people need to develop, such as developing self awareness, exploring opportunities, and deciding and acting. The guidelines provide a framework for good practice in schools, including whole-school processes for planning, designing, implementing and evaluating careers education and guidance programmes.

Career Education Benchmarks

In 2011, Careers New Zealand Services published a set of Career Education Benchmarks as a self-review tool for schools to examine their own career education practice. The Benchmarks were intended to provide aspirational goals rather than specific programme elements. 2