Appendix 3: Policy intiatives to support transition from school

Over the last few years, the Government has introduced a range of initiatives to support students’ transition from school into study, training and work.

Youth Guarantee

Youth Guarantee aims to provide students with more choices, ways and places to achieve NCEA Level 2 or equivalent. It encourages different parts of the education sector and industries to work together innovatively to meet the needs of students, and support the government goal that all students leave school with a minimum of Level 2 NCEA. Youth Guarantee ( provides foundation education so young people can achieve NCEA and transition to further education or find a job.

Vocational Pathways

Vocational Pathways is a tool to provide a clear framework for vocational options, support better programme design and careers advice, and improve the links between education and employment. Young people can use Vocational Pathways to access a wider range of learning opportunities to achieve qualifications at Levels 1 to 3 on the National Qualifications Framework.

The pathways represent ways to structure and achieve NCEA Level 2 and provide a more coherent framework for foundation vocational education and training. They are intended to help students to develop their own individual education plan, so they are better informed and able to make better choices to meet their goals.

Six pathways have been described - Primary Industries, Services Industries, Social and Community Services, Manufacturing and Technology, Construction and Infrastructure, and Creative Industries.

Profile Builder

The Profile Builder is an online tool to create a vocational profile which students, parents, whanau and employers can use. The profile is a graphic representation of learning achievement or planned achievement that links to future study options and careers.

Students can compare their NZQA Record of Achievement to their vocational profile, and how their interests, aspirations and achievements match up to a wide range of work and study possibilities, under each pathway. Teachers, parents, or mentors can help them in their planning and identifying what they need to learn and how to achieve their chosen pathway(s). It is also a very useful tool for school and tertiary curriculum planning.

Service academies

Service academies are military-focused programmes delivered within schools. They are intended to encourage students to stay engaged in learning, and help students to gain improved qualifications.