High quality careers education and guidance is an essential part of preparing students for their future.

Supporting learners to make informed choices about subjects and pathways can make them more engaged in education and more motivated about the future. This can improve their overall quality of life, sense of purpose and the contributions they make to their families and communities. Young people’s choices at school have a big impact on their lives - affecting not just their further education, training and employment, but also their social lives and health outcomes.

This national evaluation report was commissioned by the Education Review Office and Careers New Zealand. It focuses on good practice in careers education and guidance and showcases 10 secondary schools that are making a difference for their students.

The schools all had well planned careers education that was clearly linked to their curriculum and to pastoral care, was age appropriate, involved parents and whanau, and was individualised for students who needed it.

Helping young people learn to make decisions and take control over the future direction of their lives is important. And it’s not just one person’s responsibility. It’s a collective effort in which schools, parents, families and communities all work together for and around the learner at the centre.

Iona Holsted

Chief Review Officer

Education Review Office

May 2015