Appendix 6: Ministry of Education support for transition to school

The Ministry supports transitions between early childhood education and schools

through the following:

  • Early Childhood Education Strategic Plan (2002-2012) Pathways to This Future:

Nga Huarahi Arataki. This plan promotes consistency of education between birth and eight years by early childhood services sharing a common vision of success and forging close links with primary schools.

  • Special Education Policy Guidelines 1 (2012). Aims to provide learners with special needs with a seamless education from the time their needs are identified. This principle will be obvious in practice when transition procedures enable learners to move successfully from one setting to another.

The Ministry’s current Statement of Intent with regard to transitions has resulted in a variety of key policy documents and initiatives:

  • Continuity of Early Learning Group - research and literature reviews about good practice in using learning progress and outcome information to develop tools and resources to improve and build on current knowledge and practice regarding transition to school. 2
  • Transitions to school - intensive, focused community initiatives to support at-risk families to get their children ready for and settled in their first year at school (130 families). 3
  • Mutukaroa 4 - home-school learning partnership that seeks to encourage active engagement of parents and whanau in learning partnerships (50 schools).
  • Ka Hikitia Accelerating Success 2013-2017 - to support successful transitions so Maori develop a strong sense of belonging, together with pride in their identity, culture and language. 5
  • Pasifika Education Plan 2013-2017 - to effectively transition and support Pacific learners into English medium schooling, and to plan for Pacific children who may have no early childhood education experience before starting school. 6