Part two how school leaders and teachers suport children as they settle into school

Part 2 focuses on what successful transition to school looks like - in particular for children at highest risk of poor outcomes - and the challenges for school leaders and teachers supporting children settling in.

Overall evaluation questions

  • What does successful transition to school look like, in particular for priority learners?
  • What challenges are schools experiencing when supporting children to transition?

ERO gathered information during regular education reviews in 100 schools during Term 4, 2013. ERO asked the following key questions in each school:

  • How does the organisational and professional support by the school leadership promote the success of transitions to school for new entrant children?
  • How does the school deliberately develop and engage in collaborative relationships that support children as they transition to school?
  • How responsive and adaptive is the new entrants’ curriculum to the learning interests, strengths and capabilities of children as they transition to school?
  • How does the school’s self review identify and improve the impact of practices and processes that support children as they transition to school?
  • How is the school supporting transition for priority learners (Maori, Pacific, children with special education needs, children from low socio-economic backgrounds)?

Appendix 4 includes some investigative prompts and indicators used in the evaluation, which may be useful for schools’ self review. Appendix 5 has more information about the sample.