Appendix 1: How information was gathered to determine what schools are doing to bring key competencies to life for their students

During Term 2, 2018, as part of regular reviews, ERO teams conducted exploratory work to find out what schools with Year 1 to 8 students do to develop the key competencies in their students. Reviewers interviewed adults and students, read school documentation and observed teaching and learning practices. They were guided by the following broad questions:

  • how is the school supporting their students to develop key competencies?
  • what does that look like in the school?
  • how do students and their parents and whānau recognise and understand students’ progress in developing these competencies?
  • what does the board of trustees know about these as a part of the school’s desired outcomes for students?

ERO clarified with schools that it was not evaluating the appropriateness or effectiveness of what they were doing in implementing key competencies. ERO also indicated that it understood that key competencies might be referred to in different ways and that terms used could vary from school to school.