Next steps

ERO has recommendations for school leaders, teachers and the Ministry of Education to make the principles of The New Zealand Curriculum and teaching as inquiry a useful and integral part of everyday teaching practice in New Zealand classrooms.

ERO recommends that school leaders and teachers:

  • review the extent to which each principle of The New Zealand Curriculum, and the elements inherent in them, are represented in their policies and plans and in the curriculum that is enacted in classrooms
  • read and discuss Ka Hikitia: Managing for Success Māori Education Strategy[2] as a first step in developing knowledge about the Treaty of Waitangi curriculum principle
  • build deeper understanding of the process of inquiry, and the contexts in which teaching as inquiry can be used to improve learning and teaching
  • create opportunities for sustainable professional learning about effective teaching practice through incorporating teaching as inquiry into their performance management system.

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education supports school leaders and teachers to:

  • understand the nature and complexity of the eight principles
  • develop deeper understanding of the principles identified in this report as being least evident and least enacted - Treaty of Waitangi, cultural diversity, coherence and future focus
  • carry out robust and effective teaching as inquiry practice.

ERO also recommends that the Ministry of Education:

  • explores ways to make more accessible, through Ministry of Education websites, research material that will support teachers and school leaders to extend their understanding about pedagogical practice, including engaging in teaching as inquiry.