Appendix 1: Key competencies — Enterprising attributes

Enterprising Attributes

What they mean for students


1. Generating, identifying and assessing opportunities.

Thinking up new things to do and deciding if they are good ideas.

2. Identifying, assessing and managing risks.

Thinking of the things that could go wrong with an opportunity and making plans and decisions to limit that risk.

3. Generating and using creative ideas and processes.

Thinking up new ideas and ways to do things that work well.

4. Identifying, solving and preventing problems.

Looking ahead for things that can go wrong, thinking of ways to solve problems and planning ahead to avoid them.

5. Monitoring and evaluating.

Checking all the time and making changes if they are needed.

Managing Self

6. Using initiative and drive.

Seeing what needs to be done and doing it, persevering when things get tough and showing determination to keep going.

7. Matching personal goals and capabilities to an undertaking.

Using your own skills and abilities to get things done and achieving your goals.

Relating to Others

8. Working with others and in a team.

Listening to others, encouraging people to take part and sharing the responsibilities.

9. Negotiating and influencing.

Being persuasive, resolving issues, backing up ideas and reaching agreement with others.

10. Being fair and responsible.

Taking ownership of your own actions while considering what is right for others.

Participating and Contributing

11. Planning and organising.

Making a decision, making a plan and getting ready.

12. Identifying, recruiting and managing resources.

Sorting out what resources are needed, getting them and using them in the best way possible.

13. Being flexible and dealing with change.

Dealing with new situations, accepting new ideas, getting over change and moving on.

Using Language, Symbols and Texts

14. Collecting, organising and analysing information.

Getting information and sorting it to make sense of it.

15. Communicating and receiving ideas and information.

Sharing and taking in ideas from a range of sources.