ERO Pacific Strategy 2013-2017

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Building Capability in Evaluating Pacific Success

The Education Review Office's Pacific Strategy is part of the wider education sector's commitment to Pacific education issues. It has been developed to ensure that ERO has the capacity to respond to these issues and to contribute to the Government's goals for Pacific learners.

Our Vision

Pacific learners will achieve a high level of education and success.

Our Mission

To develop high quality evaluation that contributes to high quality education for Pacific learners.

Core Strategic Intent

ERO will develop its service and use its resources effectively, to add value to the quality of decisions by educators, public policy makers and others responsible for the education of Pacific learners in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Why we have a Pacific Strategy

Children and young people with Pacific cultural heritage make up an increasing proportion of young New Zealanders.

ERO reports on how responsive schools and early childhood services are to the educational needs of Pacific learners. Through its review processes ERO highlights how essential it is for schools and services to support Pacific learners to reach their full potential, so they are able to fully contribute to New Zealand’s rich multicultural society.

By providing high quality evaluation ERO can help build Pacific success in the education system, provide useful information for Pacific parents and communities, and help develop young people who are vibrant, dynamic and secure in their Pacific identity.

Goal 1 Evaluation capacity in the wider education sector

Build the sector’s evaluation capacity to effectively evaluate and promote Pacific success.

Build the evaluation and self-review capacity of schools and early childhood services (leading to better governance, management, and leadership).

Focus on how effectively schools and early childhood services are promoting the participation and learning of Pacific students (leading to more positive learning outcomes).

Promote the self-review capacity of the school and early childhood sectors – through workshops and national reports focused on effective practice.

Goal 2 Interagency commitment

Provide the opportunity for all ERO stakeholders (internal/external) to be informed of the Pacific strategy and its implementation.

Increase interagency communication about ERO’s work with Pacific students.

Promote the implementation and evaluation of the sector’s Pacific strategies (Pasifika Education Plan) relevant within ERO.

Identify and promote effective practice with sectors, agencies, and stakeholders.

Goal 3 Organisation

Strengthen ERO’s organisational capacity to promote Pacific success.

Increase the capacity of our staff to evaluate and promote Pacific success.

Implement improved internal review methodologies, which give greater attention to promoting Pacific success.

Increase our capacity by promoting Pacific identity, language and culture within ERO.

Goal 4 Community

Parents, families and communities use ERO information and advice to play a more active part in their child’s education.

Improve the access and readability of ERO’s reports, so that Pacific parents can understand and contribute more to the progress of their children’s learning.

Help develop schools’ and early childhood services’ capability to increase the engagement of Pacific parents in their child’s education and to continue to build effective relationships with Pacific families and communities.

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