Appendix 1:

Processes schools can use to access a student’s e-asTTle data when a student has moved to a new school.

There are two possible solutions for this issue.

One The Ministry of Education has recently introduced a facility in e-asTTle where schools can see all the tests your students have previously completed at your school or another school.

This shows the test name, subject, the year the student was in when they sat the test, the overall score, the overall level, the duration of the test, the strands covered in the test.

Teachers and leaders can view this and also print as a pdf or create an individual progress report. This is accessed in this manner:

  • Go to manage students
  • go to view student results summary
  • choose the group you are interested in
  • choose the students
  • click on continue


this is a screen shot of the e-asTTle page giving an example of student result summary reading.

Two Some Student Management Systems have the facility to Transfer the Student Records from one school to another and this includes e-asTTle results. The SMS vendors that have implemented this facility are:

  • Kamar
  • e-Tap
  • PC schools

Assembly and Musac Edge hope to complete this change before June 2013.

Teachers may be able to get some data even if the originating SMS has not implemented this functionality.