Te Tino Uaratanga

Te Tino Uaratanga

Te Tino Uaratanga 1 (Long Term Outcomes)

Students have free, open and inquiring minds.

Students assimilate the fruits of learning into the deeper recesses ofconsciousness where knowing refreshes the spirit.


Students are alert to every area of knowledge that they choose to pursue in their lives.

Students have self‑esteem, self‑confidence, self‑discipline and well-developed qualities of leadership.


Students are competent thinkers, listeners, speakers, readers and writers in both Māori and English.

Students value their independence and self-determination in setting personal goals and achieving them.


Students advance their individual talents to the highest levels of achievement.

Students delight in using their creative talents in all feats of endeavour.


Students are receptive to and have a great capacity for aroha, for joy and for laughter.

Students radiate the joy of living.


Students are true and faithful to their own sense of personal integrity while being caring, considerate, and co‑operative with others.

Students display physical and spiritual wellbeing through the harmonious alignment of body, mind and spirit


Students are secure in the knowledge of their ancestral links to the divine source of all humanity.

Students are high achievers who exemplify the hopes and aspirations of their people