Te Ira Tangata

The student develops physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, an awareness of his or her individual uniqueness and knowledge and respect for him or herself and others

The student is enthusiastic about learning in a nurturing environment based on traditional Māori values, beliefs and concepts.

The student values his or her identity, is self-confident and displays positive self-esteem.

The student is physically, spiritually and emotionally confident.

The student accepts and respects gender difference.

The student is caring, considerate and cooperative.

The student is focused on and accepts responsibility for learning.

Te Reo Māori

The student is a competent thinker, speaker, reader and writer in both Māori and English

The student is immersed in te reo me ngā tikanga Māori.

The student acquires skills for effective communication in te reo Māori.

The student engages with te reo Māori throughout the learning programme.

The student speaks te reo Māori fluently and confidently explores language.

The student acquires skills for effective communication in English.

The student acquires skills for effective communication in other languages.

Ngā Iwi

The student is secure in the knowledge of ancestral links and the hopes and aspirations of whānau, hapū and iwi

The student exhibits personal pride in their whānau, iwi and hapū.

The student acknowledges the importance attached to different roles and responsibilities.

The student demonstrates effective relationships with others.

Te Ao

The student understands the contemporary and traditional views of te ao Māori, the wider world and the physical and natural worlds

The student acknowledges his or her place in the Māori world, the wider world.

The student acknowledges the complexity of the natural and physical world.

The student actively investigates and explores the Māori world and the wider world.

Āhuatanga Ako

The student is intellectually stimulated in an environment conducive to learning

The student is actively engaged in learning.

The student’s learning needs are met.

The student is a confident learner.