Te Manakotanga - Enrichment Evaluation

Criteria for scheduling a Te Manakotanga - Enrichment Evaluation

ERO will next review a kura in four-to-five years where exceptional performance is evident and ERO has no material concerns about the education and safety of students.This table sets out the Criteria for Te Manakotanga Enrichment evaluation. The top box is Te Manakotanga Enrichment evaluation influence and enhance four to five year timing criteria. The next box which sits underneath this is Te Tino Uaratanga high expecations for students staff and whanau students are alert to every area of knowledge that they choose to pursue in their lives. The table underneath this has three headings they are Whahanga, Process inputs and Process Inputs. The 5 rows underneath read as follows following the headings left to right: Te Ira Tangata - The student is phyisically, spiritually, culturally and emotionally well - Safe, nurturing and inclusive environment influenced by high expectations for an of whanau staff and students. Te Reo Maori - The student is a competent thinker, speaker, reader and writer of Te Reo Maori and English - Extended immersion environments. Nga iwi - The student is secure in the knowledge of ancestral links, and the hopes and aspirations of whanau, hapu and iwi - Cultural values, tikanga and collective responsiblitiy where whanau demonstrate active commitment. Te Ao - The student knows the contemporary and traditional views of Te Ao Maori, the wider world and physical and natural world - Value, acceptance and demonstrated expansion of and with the Maori world view. Ahuatanga Ako - The student is intellectually stimulated in their learning, progressing, achieving and accerlerating - Consistently effective high quality practices promoting outcomes for students.  The last two boxes are sitting directly underneath this table and are leadership and management, Effective, strategic, aspriational, inspirational, innovative and proactive and the last box Self review, A culture of rigorous reflection and self review contributes effectively to positive performance and continuous improvement.