Three main review elements

In this section:

The evaluation is made up of three main elements. Each, used individually or together, will foster continuous improvement in individual Te Aho Matua kura and in their wider kura community.

A. Whānau self review informing external evaluation

The use of self-review information provides direction for ERO’s external evaluation. ERO discusses this with whānau and how it intends to use the whānau evaluation plan, self-review information, the whānau hui and other relevant information to design the review and the investigative pathway.

B. Self review in Te Aho Matua Kura Kaupapa

What does self review look like in Te Aho Matua kura?

C. The Whānau Assurance Statement

Legislative expectations for all Te Aho Matua kura, to be attested by the whānau.