Key themes

Four key themes emerged from the talanoa about the improvements in the services:

  • Leading organisational change.
  • Developing leadership capability.
  • Leadership for curriculum.
  • Ensuring quality.

These themes interweave, inform each other and are dependent on each other. They are examined in more detail in the following pages.

Improvement-focused changes

This image is showing the inprovement-focused changes being at the centre Effective Leadership and off to each side of this Stewardship and Relationships.  In a circle emcompassing Effective leadship is divided into four parts with rectangluar boxes leading off of each quarter. They are Ensuring Quality which includes expectations, accountability and responsibility and relational trust.  Leading Organisational Change which includes clear philosphy, clarity of role, decision making and partnerships for change. Developing Leadership Capability which includes reflective leaders and teachers, professional development and partnerships for leading.  Lastly Leadership for Cirriculum which includes language, community engagement, links to Te Whariki and partnernships for learning.