Appendix 1: Evaluation framework and indicators

Part A: Evaluation questions and indicators[24]

Question 1

How well does this service manage the recruitment and appointment of staff?

Indicators of ‘very well’

  • Management has employment policies and procedures for recruiting and appointing staff
  • The service regularly reviews its policies and procedures for recruiting and appointing staff
  • Employment policies and procedures are in keeping with current legislation
  • Job descriptions are regularly reviewed and reflect the service’s philosophy and strategic goals
  • Recruitment procedures are culturally appropriate for all applicants
  • The service has effective systems for: - assessing job applicants, such as short‑listing processes and structured interviews - determining effective methods for negotiating employment contracts - implementing fair and equitable appointment procedures- verifying qualifications and carrying out referee checks.

Question 2

How well does this service support ongoing staff development?

Indicators of ‘very well’

Management has developed policies and procedures to ensure that:

  • induction processes support new staff into the service
  • a planned programme of development is implemented for new staff
  • professional development is ongoing, planned and documented
  • professional development is informed by the outcomes of the service’s self review
  • professional development is informed by and linked to individuals’ performance appraisals
  • professional development is sufficiently resourced
  • professional development promotes a shared understanding of the service’s vision, priorities and goals
  • professional development is regularly evaluated and reviewed.

Question 3

How effective are the service’s appraisal processes in improving staff performance?

Indicators of highly effective

  • Effective appraisals are supportive, rigorous and culturally appropriate
  • They should be regular, formal occasions, supported by ongoing coaching and with confidentiality guaranteed
  • They can include: - opportunities for self-appraisal - evaluation against individual job descriptions or agreed, measurable goals and performance objectives - agreed procedures for consultation and negotiation - links to opportunities for professional development.
  • Newly qualified teachers are supported (induction and mentoring) to achieve full registration as assessed against the Registered Teacher Criteria (this support is undertaken by a person who is a fully registered teacher)
  • Processes for renewal of full registration and practising certificates meet NZTC requirements.

Overall Service evaluation question

How effective is this service in managing and developing staff?

Indicators of highly effective

  • The service has up-to-date policies and procedures that support the recruitment, management and professional learning and development of competent managers, leaders and teachers
  • New members into governance and management roles are well supported through induction and ongoing training processes
  • Those responsible for governing and managing the service have a good understanding of and capability to carry out their roles and responsibilities
  • Management values and supports ongoing professional development for themselves and teachers
  • Management is aware of its obligations to advocate for bicultural development and associated practices
  • Management promotes equity and social justice for children and their families through cross‑cultural development and understanding
  • Management is committed to and has the capability to recruit, manage and develop competent teachers.

Part B: Supporting information

Staff turnover

What is the nature and extent of staff turnover in last two years?

Managing complaints about staff

What procedures are in place for managing complaints (internal and external) about staff?

How do these ensure children’s wellbeing/safety?

Has the service managed any such complaints in last three years? Were procedures followed? (verify by following through evidence associated with a complaint)

Is the service provider aware of, and/or following the mandatory reporting requirements associated with concerns about a teacher’s conduct, competence or from a complaint?

Police vetting

What processes does the service have to ensure requirements for police vetting are met?