Evaluation questions

ERO evaluated how effectively each service managed and developed its staff. ERO focused on:

  • how well the service managed the recruitment and appointment of staff
  • how well the service supported ongoing staff development
  • how effectively the service’s appraisal processes improved staff performance.

More detail about these areas for investigation is set out in the indicators ERO used to make judgements about the services’ commitment and capability to implement employment practices that appoint, manage and develop competent staff.[15]

ERO also collected supporting information about:

  • the nature and extent of staff turnover in the last two years
  • the management of complaints about staff, including mandatory reporting to the NZTC
  • the police vetting of all staff and volunteers.

Data gathering

ERO gathered data from 235 early childhood services that were reviewed in Term 2 2013.[16] ERO collected information from a variety of sources including:

  • management of the service
  • teachers/ staff at the service
  • observations of interactions
  • documents related to the operations of the service, including self-review information.

This report does not include home-based education and care service and Playcentres. Home-based education and care services are not included because ERO only reviewed a small number (10) of home-based services in Term 2, 2013 when data for this evaluation was gathered. Playcentres are not included because they are generally not involved in employing a large number of staff.