Next steps

In line with the Government’s Success for All targets, the following recommendations are focused on all students with special needs, and not just on students with high needs.

On the basis of this report, school staff should:

  • use the findings and self-review questions in this report to review the extent to which all students with special needs are included across the school and have effective, coordinated support for their academic, social and health needs
  • ensure that all students with special needs have their achievement regularly monitored and analysed and that suitable responses are in place where students are identified as under-achieving
  • review the extent to which the school’s SENCO, in partnership with other staff, families and the community, can effectively support a coordinated and effective response to each student with special needs.

On the basis of this report, the Ministry of Education should:

  • consider improving the guidance given to schools about how they should monitor and respond to the achievement information of students with special needs
  • consider ways to improve SENCOs focus on their role in coordinating the school’s response to students with special needs
  • ensure that schools identified as requiring support to improve their overall quality of teaching also receive advice and guidance specifically related to improving programmes for their students with high needs.