Appendix 1: The career management competencies

Career Education and Guidance in New Zealand Schools sets out a model of career education and guidance that emphasises the need for students to develop career management competencies. This represents a move away from career guidance based on vocational counsellors managing student exits from school, and towards an approach in which students take more control of their lives. The career management competencies are set out in terms of the following categories:

  • Developing self awareness

Competencies that enable young people to understand themselves and the influences on them.

  • Exploring opportunities

Competencies that enable young people to investigate opportunities in learning and work, and relate them to themselves.

  • Deciding and acting

Competencies that enable young people to make and adjust their plans, to manage change and transition, and to take appropriate action.

The career management competencies can be linked to the key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum. As the table below shows, schools can simultaneously develop student key competencies while developing their career management competencies.

Links between the career management competencies and the key competencies of The New Zealand Curriculum.

Career management competencies

Link to the key competencies

Developing self awareness

Involves managing self and relating to others.

Exploring opportunities

Requires students to think critically, use language, symbols, and texts, and relate to others.

Deciding and acting

Involves students thinking constructively and preparing to participate and contribute throughout their lives.