Appendix 6: Growth mindset

Dweck’s model of the fixed and growth mindsets shows how beliefs about intelligence are linked to cognitive, affective and behavioural characteristics: different mindsets lead to different patterns of behaviour.

There is an excellent graphic on the Mindset Works website which is interactive and reveals more information, including quantitative data to support the assertions below.

Two different mindsets


Intelligence is static


Intelligence can be developed

Leads to a desire to look smart, characterised by a tendency to:

Leads to a desire to learn, characterised by a tendency to:

avoid challenges embrace challenges
give up easily persist in the face of setbacks
see effort as frutiless see effort as the path to mastery
ignore usefull negative feedback be open to learn from criticism
feel threatened by others' success be inspired by an learn from others' success

People with a fixed mindset may achieve less than their full potential.

People with a growth mindset may have high levels of achievement.

They have a deterministic view of the world.

They have a sense of free will.