Next steps

ERO recommends that school leaders:

  • increase board, management and staff understanding of Pacific peoples’ cultures, aspirations and needs
  • develop a curriculum that values Pacific identity and supports achievement
  • enhance the identification, collection and analysis of data relevant to raising achievement levels and monitoring effectiveness of interventions
  • provide learning opportunities for staff to build professional capacity in the use of longitudinal data to tailor learning programmes to individual and group needs
  • ensure that reporting to the board adequately monitors the achievement of Pacific students throughout the school, and is sufficient to inform decisions about target setting and allocation of resources
  • establish strong relationships between mentors and students; students, teachers and parents; and with the community, so that all can work together to create meaningful support networks for students.

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs provide ongoing support for leaders in these 25 schools to enhance school processes and systems. School leaders need the professional capacity to identify good practice within the school and to manage change to ensure that such good practice is extended school wide and that all staff respond effectively to Pacific learners.