Next steps

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education supports schools to:

  • better use student achievement information to review and adapt their school’s curriculum so that it is responsive to all learners
  • access and use research findings, such as that in the Best Evidence Synthesis (BES) publications, particularly the BES exemplars, to introduce different teaching practices that have been shown to accelerate learners’ progress in New Zealand schools.

ERO recommends that school trustees, leaders and teachers:

  • examine their use of achievement information to ensure it promotes improved outcomes for their priority learners
  • regularly use their achievement information to review and adapt their mathematics curriculum to ensure it is responsive to the strengths and needs of all students
  • review the extent to which all learners are developing the capacity to understand and monitor their own learning and progress through their involvement in goal setting, and are being supported to identify their next steps
  • evaluate the extent to which the progress of learners who are below and well below the mathematics standards is being accelerated by specific initiatives, programmes, interventions and additional staffing such as teacher aides.