Services keeping up to date and managing their responsibilities well

Despite some areas of minor non-compliance, all requirements for maintaining children’s physical and emotional safety were still being met.

Well over 80 percent of services were up to date with current regulations and legal requirements, with ERO identifying no areas of non-compliance in 43 percent of services, and minor areas of non-compliance in 40 percent of services.

The most common way for the 43 percent of fully compliant services to keep up to date was by monitoring the Ministry of Education and Early Childhood Council websites.

Being up to date with requirements and regulations meant that services were able to act on any changes or updates quickly, ensuring that their internal regulations, policies and practice were always current.

These services were also effectively ensuring staff had up-to-date knowledge of any changes affecting their practice. They ensured that staff met requirements by developing clear policies, procedures and guidelines, and by regularly observing and monitoring their practice. Regular monitoring of teacher registration and appraisal was also a common theme in well-performing services.

The most common area of minor non-compliance related to isolated incidents where documentation did not completely align with policies and procedures. Onsite discussions resulted in increased awareness to ensure that practice aligned more closely with policies and procedures.