This report complements ERO’s evaluation reports:

  • Partners in Learning: Schools’ Engagement with Parents, Whānau and Communities, June 2008, and
  • Partners in Learning: Good Practice, September 2008.

The report highlights what parents and whānau from many different groups told ERO about their engagement with their child’s school. Whatever the parents’ backgrounds, or the needs of their child, clear and consistent messages emerge in relation to parents’ expectations of education.

Most of the parents involved in this evaluation said they appreciated being asked by ERO for their views and liked the opportunity to meet with other parents or to give their feedback through a questionnaire. This enthusiastic response, and the issues raised by these parents, indicate that some New Zealand schools are not yet providing sufficient opportunities for parents to be consulted and involved, thus missing opportunities to promote parents’ engagement in their children’s learning.

A parent who attended one of the discussion groups noted:

We expect that schools will involve us so we can work together to ‘push things’ in the same direction.

ERO invites schools to consider the opinions expressed by the parents in this report and reflect on the effectiveness of their own engagement with parents, whānau and families.