Appendix 4: Reviewer Synthesis Sheet


A. What activities has the school undertaken to reflect local context and community priorities in the vision, values and statements about learning through The New Zealand Curriculum?

B. To what extent is the school organising learning and teaching to give effect to The New Zealand Curriculum?

School leaders are ….

Well under way


Beginning to develop

Not evident

reviewing learning area statements


choosing achievement objectives from each learning area to fit the learning needs of their students


considering how links between learning areas will be explored and built on


integrating key competencies into teaching and learning


determining how assessment processes will align with the school curriculum


describing how students’ learning stages or pathways build on earlier stages


considering how e-learning and new technologies will be used as part of teaching and learning


considering how the curriculum principles will be explored and included


aligning implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum with school-wide systems (e.g. appraisal, professional development, self review)


Data indicated some overlap for reviewer judgements about whether school leaders were beginning to develop or were developing each particular processes. In the analysis ERO aggregated the data to combine the categories ‘developing and beginning to develop’ together.

C. To what extent do these teacher actions promote student learning in this school?

Teachers are

All teachers

Most teachers

Some teachers

No teachers

Using an evidence-based approach to teaching


creating a supportive learning environment


making new learning relevant


making connections to students ’ prior learning and experience


encouraging reflective thought and action


facilitating shared learning


providing sufficient opportunities to for students to learn


In the analysis ERO aggregated the data to combine the categories ‘all teachers and most teachers’ together.

D. In giving effect to The New Zealand Curriculum, what are teachers doing particularly well in this school?

E. What are the biggest challenges facing this school as it moves towards giving effect to The New Zealand Curriculum?

F. ERO’s Overall Judgement

How well has this school progressed towards giving effect to The New Zealand Curriculum by February 2010? School leaders and teachers

Are giving full effect

( )

Are making good progress towards giving effect

( )

Are beginning to give effect

( )

Have not yet begun to give effect

( )

Any other relevant comments about school’s progress towards February implementation