ERO recommends that school leaders:

  • improve how they collect, analyse and use Pacific students’ achievement information:
  • improve school processes to enable students to know about their progress and achievement and how to manage their learning;
  • build teachers’ and boards’ knowledge of the strengths and needs of Pacific students, and how to use this knowledge to benefit these students;
  • strengthen links with Pacific parents and communities to facilitate communication and build mutual understanding about the best ways to support their children’s learning; and
  • use the contextual flexibility inherent in The New Zealand Curriculum to design and implement teaching and learning programmes that reflect Pacific students voices and aspects of cultures and languages relevant to their learning.

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education:

  • work with schools to increase school leaders’ and teachers’ understanding of the importance of partnership with Pacific communities; and
  • consider ways to increase school leaders’ knowledge of how to review and report Pacific students’ achievement and progress, particularly when the numbers are small.